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Never Fall Behind Webinar Follow-up FAQ

Never Fall Behind Webinar Follow-Up FAQ with Dr. Emily & Dr. Jin Lee Q: Are there recommendations from the AAP for developmental screening and surveillance? Can you clarify these guidelines? A: Dr. Jin Lee: The AAP recommends developmental surveillance at every single well-child visit. What they call developmental surveillance/surveillance is ...
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Myths in Pediatric Practice

Myths in Pediatric Practice  by Caitlin Iglehart and Dr. Patricia Gellasch Myth #1: All pediatricians conduct developmental screenings The Department of Health and Human Services reports that as many as 25% of children are at moderate or high risk for developmental, social, or behavioral delays yet as many as 50% ...
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The Economics of Developmental Screening and How Screening is Protecting Children’s Health

The Economics of Developmental Screening: How Developmental Screening Protects Children's Health and Increases Revenue  American children are currently facing a health epidemic: developmental delays affect 1 in 4 children under age 5. Although developmental screening is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics, many doctors are unable to give kids timely ...
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What’s Going on in a Child’s Mind?

What's Going on in a Child's Mind? Imagine that your 3-year-old child is observing a scenario where his/her friends Sarah and Mary are hiding a rock underneath a blue or red cup. While Mary is looking, Sarah places the rock underneath a blue cup; however, as Mary looks away, Sarah ...
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