About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve universal screening, intervention, and better outcomes for all children.

Our Challenge

1 in 4 children are at risk of developmental delays.1 This risk doubles for children of 21 parents in poverty or who have less than a high school education.2 Due to lack of 22 screening, 1 million kids enter the school system every year with an undiagnosed disability.3 Early screening and intervention are key to help all children reach their full 23 potential.

Our Inspiration

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Jin Lee, shared her story at TEDxPeacePlaza about her struggle to access screening and intervention for her daughter and how innovation can change the course of child development.

Our Advocates


Author of Ages & Stages Questionnaires

An app like BabyNoggin is paramount in bringing comprehensive developmental testing to all children.

Jane Squires, Ph.D.

Former Washington State Health Officer

Parents will love using this empowering, user-friendly tool to monitor their baby’s development.

Maxine Hayes, M.D., M.PH

Former Senior Officer at the US department of Health and Human Services

Baby Noggin has the potential to radically improve infant and child health and safety by
working with and through the multiple systems that touch their lives. Baby Noggin pulls
together in one village essential elements and components to improve and enhance
parenting. This digital village is for U.S. families and families globally.

Stephanie Bryn, M.PH, Captain

Pediatrician, Educator, Author, and Health Communicator

What has me really excited about the potential of BabyNoggin is its ongoing commitment to making critically important, evidence-based developmental screening tools and information easier to access, use and share by putting it at the virtual fingertips of parents, pediatricians and educators.

Laura Jana, M.D, Pediatrician

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