1 in 4 children is at risk for developmental delays.

Relying on clinical impressions or general surveillance alone can result in physicians missing up to 45% of children eligible for early intervention.1

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends developmental surveillance at each well-child visit and the use of specific validated screening tools.BabyNoggin digitizes evidence-based screening tools to improve workflow and increase health reimbursement.

Increase work efficiency and eliminate scoring errors in 3 Simple Steps.

Screenings are available in English & Spanish and are easily customizable to your needs.

Step 1

Parents sign in and enter child’s birth date.

Step 2

Parents can self-screen with simple step-by-step videos.

Step 3

Results are automatically scored, printed, and integrated.

Increase reimbursement, work efficiency and parent engagement.

Get Reimbursed

Use CPT Codes 96110 for developmental and autism screening and 96161 for depression

Integrate into EHR

Get automatic scoring and see patients instead of paperwork.

Provide Better Care

Use evidence-based screening tools to better identify delays.

Empower Parents

Teach parents to screen their child with helpful step-by-step videos.

Reimbursable by both private insurance and non-managed Medicaid using CPT Codes 96110 for developmental & autism screenings and 96161 for postpartum depression screening



Former Washington State Health Officer

Parents will love using this empowering, user-friendly tool to monitor their baby’s development.

Maxine Hayes, M.D., M.PH

Pediatrician, Educator, Author, and Health Communicator

What has me really excited about the potential of BabyNoggin is its ongoing commitment to making critically important, evidence-based developmental screening tools and information easier to access, use and share by putting it at the virtual fingertips of parents, pediatricians and educators.

Laura Jana, M.D, Pediatrician

Office Manager at Kidz Kare Doc

BabyNoggin made so much sense for our office! Parents always have questions regarding their
baby's developmental milestones, and Baby Noggin helps them get involved. Also, it gave us a
reliable way to get reimbursed for screenings we were already doing.

Pritesh Patel, M.D.

Pediatrics Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine

BabyNoggin will be a useful tool for busy practices who are already screening (or wish to
start) because it can make things more efficient, eliminate paper and engage families in
exciting ways.

Nerissa S. Bauer, M.D, M.PH, Pediatrician

Pediatrician at Pediatric Associates

With BabyNoggin, families can get instant reassurance that their babies are doing well, using evidence-based tools in order to assess their development. Every child deserves routine developmental screening as part of their best healthcare, and for my parents I recommend BabyNoggin.

Natasha Burgert, M.D.

Ready to increase reimbursement and work efficiency?


1. Aylward, G. (2009). Developmental screening and assessment: What are we thinking?
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