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1 in 4 children is at risk for developmental delays.

Due to lack of screening, 1 million kids enter the school system
every year with an undiagnosed disability.

The Department of Education in 18 states requires developmental screening for licensing and higher ratings for the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS).1

The Head Start Program Performance Standards require all grantees to “identify concerns regarding a
child’s developmental, sensory (visual and auditory), behavioral, motor, language, social, cognitive,
perceptual, and emotional skills” within 45 days of enrollment (1304.20(b)).2
Developmental Delays Depression
Screening tool
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Number of
(based on test)
10-15 Min
2-4 Min
2-15 Min
Provider Scoring
and Analysis
1-5 Min
2-4 Min
1 Min

Increase work efficiency and eliminate scoring errors in 3 Simple Steps.

Screenings are available in English & Spanish and are easily customizable to your needs.

Step 1

Parents sign-in and enter child’s birth date.

Step 2

Parents can self-screen with simple step-by-step videos.

Step 3

Results are automatically scored, printed, and integrated.

Spend less time on screening and more time with students.

Increase Data Quality

Eliminate scoring errors and capture more accurate data on students.

Save Time

Spend time supporting children and families and not on paperwork

Provide Better Care

Use data to inform care decisions so all students get the support they need

Empower Parents

Teach parents to screen their child with helpful step-by-step videos.



Former Senior Officer at the US department of Health and Human Services

Baby Noggin has the potential to radically improve infant and child health and safety by
working with and through the multiple systems that touch their lives. Baby Noggin pulls
together in one village essential elements and components to improve and enhance
parenting. This digital village is for U.S. families and families globally.

Stephanie Bryn, M.PH, Captain

Pediatrician at Pediatric Associates

With BabyNoggin, families can get instant reassurance that their babies are doing well, using evidence-based tools in order to assess their development. Every child deserves routine developmental screening as part of their best healthcare, and for my parents I recommend BabyNoggin.

Natasha Burgert, M.D.

Former Medical Director at the Texas Department of State Health Services

What is the next step for mankind? The next step is the age of nurturing children. By combining the latest child development science with state-of-the-art technology and placing it into the palm of every parent, BabyNoggin is already taking that next step.

John Walker, M.D.


(per screening)

$3/child /screening​

  • App
  • Training
  • Support



$2/child /month

  • App
  • Training
  • Support
  • Electronic Integration
  • Free Upgrade




(more than 700 children per month)
  • App
  • Premium Training
  • Premium Support
  • Electronic Integration
  • Free Upgrade
  • App & Alert Customization

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