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Empowering parents to take an active role in early screening

When did she start walking? Can she drink from a cup yet? How many words can she say?

Put a group of new parents together in a room and conversation will inevitably turn to their children’s growth and development. It’s a topic that can elicit feelings of pride, excitement, and trepidation in equal measure. The joy of seeing your child’s language, social, cognitive, and motor skills improve week by week may be tempered by anxiety that she hasn’t hit certain developmental milestones. After all, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in six children in the USA will have developmental problems, such as autism or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder…

BabyNoggin app users experienced:1


reduction in time needed to administer & score screenings


increase in provider-parent satisfaction


reduction in scoring errors

When parents used the BabyNoggin app:2


Of parents increased understanding of developmental milestones


Of parents completed at least one developmental screening


Of children screened were determined to be at-risk for delays


Of parents followed up with their pediatricians



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