An Independent Pediatric Clinic Finds a Digital Solution to Screening Barriers


The research is clear: developmental screening is critical in the first years of a child’s life.1

Despite research findings, screening rates remain as low as 17% in some states,2 and many pediatricians don’t screen using American Academy of Pediatrics recommended tools such as the PEDS-DM or the ASQ.3 According to a survey of California pediatricians, 95% agreed that developmental screening is important, but only 37% said they were performing screenings using validated tools.4

What challenges are pediatricians facing? Pediatricians cite time as a significant barrier to performing screenings.4 Physicians who are screening usually only have time to do so informally at well-child visits, but they are unable to access reimbursement for informal screenings.  Furthermore, valuable time that could be spent educating parents on developmental milestones, discussing parent concerns, or referring a child-in-need is wasted on screening and scoring, which can take 5 or more minutes of a short 15-minute visit.

As a family-run practice providing pediatric care to children in Los Angeles County, Kidz Kare Doc decided to try BabyNoggin to see how a digital tool could improve workflow efficiency, increase parent engagement, and help them access reimbursement for the high-quality care they were already providing. 

Read about BabyNoggin’s impact in our case study with Kidz Kare Doc.

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