Why I started BabyNoggin


Why I Started BabyNoggin: A Personal message from Founder & CEO: Dr. Jin Lee

As the first product of Qidza, BabyNoggin was born out of a personal need.

Soon after I said “I do” to my best friend and partner, we started planning for kids.

My husband asked, “Hon, when will the baby start seeing me?”

“Well, at birth they can only see in black and white. It’s not until about 3 months that they see in color and not until 6 months that they see as vividly as we do.” I replied with a smile, proud to find use for that Oxford PhD in my personal life.

“What about being able to crawl to me?”

“Ehhh, I think it’s about 8 months?” Pause. “I’m actually not sure.”

“What if our baby doesn’t crawl until much later? How soon should we worry?”


I was amazed that I, who once supervised Oxford medical students in developmental neuropsychology, could forget such a simple fact. And if I, with all my education, can’t keep track of these milestones, then how do parents do it?

So I chatted with friends who have young babies and asked them for tips and tricks on monitoring early baby development. Their answers were consistent:

“I just record the big events on my calendar, like when he starts crawling or walking.”

“And what if he doesn’t start walking until much later?” I was curious.

“Well, I wait ‘til my mommy-feeling tells me that something is wrong and then call my baby’s doctor.”

While I fared well under my own parents’ intuition and guidance, there has to be a better way to help today’s parents anticipate a baby’s next milestone, check for development, and follow-up with “actionable insights” – additional training activities and health care advice, if necessary.

At Qidza, we understand that every baby develops differently. The BabyNoggin team stays current on the relevant and peer-reviewed science. We translate the science into easy and clear instructions on your smartphone and prompt you with fun activities tailored to your baby’s age and ability. We know you are doing your best and a great job taking care of your little one. BabyNoggin is with you, every step of year one.

Our mission is to give you peace of mind when it comes to your baby’s development. Join us in this mindful parenting movement and track your baby’s development.

Thank you for joining,

Dr. Jin Lee
Founder & CEO, Qidza, Inc.

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